South Africa - 3 points on access to vacant properties! by Willem Tait

South Africa - Gaining access to vacant space

Showing vacant commercial space is very similar to visiting a car dealership. The client wants to see the different models, options, colours, finishes etc. It is an absolute visual experience. The major difference in showing property is that it is scattered over the landscape, with different physical addresses.

As brokers we have a tenant, looking for space within a specific size parameter and a suggested budget. We grab our vacancy schedule, match size and budget and take the client on a site trip.

Arriving at a property and not being able to gain access to a specific vacant portion is very similar to walking onto a car dealership floor and not being able to get into the car. The momentum of the sale is lost.

Maybe consider the following:

1. Assign access issues to a good security guard, your assistant or another member of staff. As a landlord, get involved when the deal gets hot, but leave access issues to salaried staff members.

2. Clean the lease premise, give a key to security or a next door tenant. Please note same on your vacancy schedule. If needed, let the broker sign for the key.

3. Alternatively, if you have access to a building manager, leave keys with him, but please make sure that he is available via cell 24/7.

In closure: It is not negotiable. As a landlord your properties should be open for access, easy to visit and ready to show.

If the above is not possible, maybe consider selling your property and buy a car dealership and keep all the car keys in one box.

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