4 tips for preparing for the week - by Willem Tait

4 tips for preparing for the week

As a property broker, my tasks are never finishes and there is always that follow up call or email that needs to be done. To keep my ducks in a row and not loos my head, I prepare for a business week by doing the following:

I take my notebook and across the left hand side of the page, write down the following four headers

1. $ or Rand sign

This is followed by a quick list of things to do that will generate income. Could be as simple as drafting an offer to lease and email to XYZ or follow up on Tax Invoice for a deal done or phone transferring attorney to assist with documents required for transfer of property.

2. Worried about

Usually there are a couple of things that I am worried about. Write them down. You cannot proactively tackle a week without clearing your head. I good friend of mine always says that it is never one thing, always five, so identify the five things and then tackle one at a time.

3. Tools

This is a list of tools needed for the week. It could be as simple as knowing that my car needs to go in for a service on Wednesday and that I need to plan for an alternative “tool” for that day. Also making sure that all the tools that I use for business is working. I usually pick one tools per week i.e. my cell phone and make sure that I understand that new software application or update contacts.

4. Goal or target:

Here I usually list only three items, no more. Keeping it manageable and achievable is better and three per week is 12 per month and 144 per year. More than enough!

Trust that the four tips will help.

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