6 Tips for networking with other property professionals - by Willem Tait

I have been networking with other property professionals for 15 years and would like to share a couple of my top tips with you today.

1. Meeting

There is no substitute for a face to face meeting

2. Trust

Yes, trusting another broker or agents with a stock item or client is imperative, but you need to give someone a chance to work with you. The best way of doing so is to share a stock item or client and track the relationship from there.

3. Email communication

If you are still concerned about sharing stock or clients, I usually copy my seller or other stake holders in all email communication. This way the email acts as the actual record and your can keep it on file.

4. Formal agreement

Always better to have a quick single pager agreement approved between the parties. Property is always about black and white paperwork and a good solid foundation is better, but not always required

5. Communication

I run a full CRM program i.e. Client Relationship Manager program because I deal with many contacts. You can start small, but I suggest you start with a CRM program first. This way you can track stock, clients, brokers and agents.

6. Enjoy

Working with other property professionals is an absolute blessing. You surround yourself with smart, likeminded individuals and every relationship can last a lifetime, so enjoy!

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