6 tips on closing more deals - by Willem Tait


In the past couple of months I have come to realize, even more so than last year, that our beloved commercial property industry has become more like a trip to a shopping mall on a Sunday. Our clients are using us and using more of our time than ever before in looking and touching stuff, but not buying (or leasing) it.

Similar to my wife walking into a shoe shop, they seem to enjoy the experience of hunting for the best property deal or always believe that there is a better options around the corner or on the next display rack.

That said, we cannot blame our clients for being window shoppers. The market at large is dotted with vacant space to lease or buy. How do we then as brokers and landlords sharpen our pen so that we get clients that are willing and able to sign on the dotted line.

This has been my approach:

1. Application form

Hit the client with an single pager application form at the first contact. This could be something new for you, but having a client complete an application form distinguishes the window shopper from the serious client.

2. Visit the current premises

Always visit the premises of your clients first, before you show them alternative options. Ask why this is not working from them and what should be different.

3. More time on phone and email

Spend more time with your client on the phone and email before taking them out into the field. Ask the right questions and give relevant answers.

4. Site trip

Arrange a site trip for a half day or day, showing the client all options. No 2nd meeting and no showing a partner again. Make 100% sure that the decision maker is with you in the car

5. Info pack

Prepare a pack or info sheet per property, not just a list of properties. Include photos and location maps etc. The more info you give the less questions you will get.

6. Offer to lease or purchase

Always and I mean always give your clients a copy of the offer to lease or purchase. This shows intent and you have something to follow up on.

Trust that the points above will help.


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