South Africa - 8 tips for Better Vacancy Schedules please - by Willem Tait

South Africa - Willem Tait - Better vacancy schedules please

For the landlord that does not know, a vacancy schedule is the general word used in the industry for a single list of all your vacant properties. Brokers usually receive it via email and the header of the email usually includes the word Vacancy Schedule for XYZ. In the old days brokers received your vacancy schedule via post, neatly packaged in corporate branding or via fax, killing half the trees in the Amazon in the process. The major challenge for landlords today is communicating with the different type, quality, age and experience of brokers and aligning your message to cater for all.With new technology like the internet and bulk emails, these tools allow you to communicate with brokers quickly and effectively, but with speed comes responsibility.

Maybe just consider taking note of the following before you click the send button the next time around:

1.PDF documents are great, but in some cases brokers cannot copy the content onto their standard templates. Have a chat with your IT guys regarding same.

2.Consider including a photo of each property. You want the broker to remember your property and recognize same in the field.

3.Cater for the new and old brokers. Include an explanation of terminology and consider moving away from abbreviations.

4.When attaching a file to an email, change the name of the file to reflect the date is was emailed and include your company name. This way a broker can replace the old file from last month with the new file from this month.

5.If you list your vacancies on your website, consider updating same daily. No use in having info listed if it is not updated.

6.Visit and link the location of your properties. You could also create a shortcut inside your vacancy schedule. Chat to your IT guys about same.

7.If you have multiple sheets or tabs at the bottom of your excel sheet, consider adding a colour to each tab. If you only have one page, i.e. sheet 1, rather delete sheet 2 and 3.

8.Make the file print friendly i.e. please make sure that a broker can read it once it is printed.

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