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Willem Tait Bullet of the week to property consultants - Working with PropX

Working with PropX

PropX works with brokers and property consultants in leasing and selling commercial property on a commission split basis. According to Willem Tait : The content of my weekly bulletin comes from the hart, just the basic facts without the fiction. It should hit like a slug to the chest, short and quick and will hopefully give you a better understanding of how to work with PropX and benefit financially.

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The bullet for this week is aimed at: OPR, OPM and OPT

If the terminology of OPR, OPM and OPT are new to you, please allow me the following:OPR stands for OTHER PEOPLES RESOURCES: You could find yourself working for a principal and you use his/her office space, admin assistants, infrastructure and telephone lines. This is OPR, other peoples resources that you use.OPM stands for OTHER PEOPLES MONEY. You could be working on a monthly retainer or a basic salary. To let boards and media are paid for and supplied. This is OPM, other peoples money that you use.OPT stands for OTHER PEOPLES TIME. Your principal is available for meetings, manages the company and invests time into you. This is OPT, other peoples time that you use.Depending on your position, skills, experience and success as a property consultant you use a combination of the above in different variables to conduct your day to day work.


The relationship between PropX and yourself falls under one of the above categories. Can you guess which one?The answer is OPT: OTHER PEOPLES TIMESo in short, we work together on a deal, either party bringing the tenant, buyer or seller and we match the two, invest our time together and conclude a transaction.-The objective of PropX is to add value were we can in education brokers and consultants, while we are working together with you to conclude a transaction.-There is nothing better than two property consultants working on a deal, to the benefit of all involved in the process.-Two heads are always better than one and together we move quicker, faster and better in concluding a deal.


If you have willing commercial sellers, buyers, investors or tenants, we would love to work with you on a commission split basis. PropX will gladly bring stock, buyers or tenants to the table and conclude a quick and effective transaction.

Kindly give me a call or join me for a cup of coffee at our Nelson Mandela Sandton Square offices.

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Willem Tait - Director, PropX Invesco (Pty) Ltd Cell: 084 491 1123 Tel: (011) 881-5797

More about me

I am a property broker and CEO of PropX in South Africa, a commercial property consultancy. I’ve been in the game for the past 15 years, leasing and selling commercial space and can assist corporate tenants, buyers and sellers in finding, leasing and selling commercial property.

I also enjoy working with other property brokers and property professionals on a commission split basis in concluding transactions. Welcome to visit for more info on my company.