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South Africa: More about me and why "the softer side"

Would also love to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions with you and not just pure business input.

Above is a self taken photo of Simone and myself. Married for 7 years now and together since school. We actually had our 11 year dating anniversary the day before we got married! Odometer is currently on 18 years as partners in life and love and still running strong.

The thing that bugs me about this photo is that I know it is out of focus, but it is such a great shot. Wind blowing, freezing cold, in a Stormers jersey, on holiday. No matter what the circumstances, we are always happy and in love!

“On the softer side” is a note, article, link, scrabble, grope or fumble on what I am thinking or doing and will give you insight into the type of person I am. Each article or blog has the wording “On the softer side” in the subject line and followed by a note on the content. If this is your kind of thing, you can scroll and find same i.e. starting with “On the softer side” Enjoy!

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The “On the softer side” for today is: Waiting for the rain

I am a strong believer in the fact that media in large, plays a tremendous role in consumer and market sentiment. If an article reads that the price of petrol is high, 99% of people will drive less and save on consumption.

If a couple of buks a month makes a difference in your life, you should really ask yourself: What went wrong? There are so many opportunities to create wealth and prosperity.

So many places to make money. Why then the negativity, why then the loss of interest in starting a new business or growing a division of your company.

I’m in the property business! And YES, you can make money in the sector, and believe me, even more so in a recession. The more companies go belly up, the bigger our market share, the greater our growth, equalling more profits. Compared to last year this time we have spent double our advertising budget and have employed three fold the people.

Inspecting the content of a recent newspaper article, I found myself pleasantly surprised. Our farmers are in for a great year. I’m not a farmer, but to have a good harvest I suppose that one must implement all the right things at the right time i.e. prepare the land, plant the seeds, ad water, ad more water. Hope that it rains at the right time and that it stops raining at the right time. Harvest and deliver to the market.

Easy! Not likely…. It must rain at the right time. Absolutely no control over that! So why do we continue? Maybe percentage probability of success is sufficient? Maybe the profit margins are sufficient to have a loss of a whole crop, maybe not? All that I know is that the farmer has been around since the beginning of time and have been successfully preparing, planting, growing and harvesting for our consumption.

I made a point of contacting some farmers and was not surprised with the answers I got. There is an absolute believe that it will rain at the right time and that the harvest will be a success. Like the Americans say: “In God we trust” And YES for the record, I DO!

Please tell me that our economy is slowing down, please let me know that you are finding it hard to cover your monthly expenses, so that I can come and buy your business, your house, your car at half its price, just to get you out of the system!

Not! Then do something about it, because I promise you, if you don’t, I will!

Regards. Willem Tait