South Africa - advertising our commercial property on your website - by WIllem Tait

Advertising our commercial properties on your website

I have had a couple of requests from brokers and agents to advertise commercial property that PropX lists on a daily basis on your own website and I would love to help with the following:

1. As agents, when we list properties we want to market the property to a wide audience. For this we use our websites and printed media.

2. As an agent your focus may be on residential property in a specific area or specific products, but your website is already linked to search engines and a qualified client base.

3. If you have not done so yet, consider adding a commercial section to your website and advertise the PropX commercial stock.

4. You only then need to pass the request or lead to us and we will gladly keep you covered with 50% of the commission.

5. If you want to list or advertise a property, only disclose the relevant information like a photo, asking price and general location. This protects all parties involved.

6. When you receive a request, you only need to pass the lead to us via email and we will gladly keep you covered with 50% of the commission.

7. Welcome to email and we will gladly forward you our list of stock for sale and you can start advertising.

If you require something more formal, you are welcome to CLICK HERE and view our suggested one pager working agreement.

Looking forward to working with you!

More about Willem

I am a Commercial Property broker in South Africa and Africa and work with local and international property professionals, brokers and agents in concluding property deals on a 50/50 commission split basis

-absolutely enjoy working with other property brokers and property professionals

-been in the game for the past 15 years, leasing and selling commercial space and can also assist corporate tenants, buyers and sellers in finding, leasing and selling commercial property.

- You are welcome to visit for more info on my company or email