4 tips on how not to lose passion

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4 tips on how not to lose passion

Recently I have been in conversation with a couple of property professionals as regard the structure of their different property businesses as well as the state of the property market.

One thing that I can see is that most property people I know are losing their passion for the property game and we need to do something drastic to rekindle our enthusiasm. To be honest, I cannot blame them. In recent months I have been feeling more like a psychologist than a property professional.

-Firstly having to bump up the energy in meetings. You can only do this so many times before your energy levels drop.

-Secondly, I usually close my business day with a couple of red lines through a pending deal list. Losing deals or parking them in the basement, with a follow up in 6 months. This is after one has invested a terrible amount of time, on risk for no payment

My honest opinion is that the human body and mind can do this for only so long and is not designed for this, or at least 95% of us. As a property consultant in the current market place you need to focus on positioning yourself in that 5% bracket.

This is how I do it:

1. Find or do something that you enjoy. By this I mean, if you don’t enjoy i.e. managing or leasing property, rather focus on i.e. sales.

2. If your cash flow does not allow you to focus on what you enjoy, consider financing the shortfall/cash flow yourself or find an investor or employer that shares your passion.

3. If your focus is on short term cash flow, then focus on this only. Don’t get involved with long term stuff.

4. Share your time with positive people and employ people that encourages you on a daily basis. If not, make 100% sure that you empower them to do so.

5. Prequalify your clients every day. If a client is negative or unsure, ask for a sole mandate or sole appointment. If they decline, walk away.