PropX Launches Garmin Advertising Campaign

As a property professional I can honestly say that general good health and fitness plays an integral part in my ability to service my clients. At PropX we have an absolute passion for health, fitness and a balanced lifestyle. 

The PropX Garmin Advertising campaign is designed to offer the PropX network of clients, property professionals and patrons the opportunity to acquire a product that can assist you in your health and fitness training activities. The added benefit to PropX is that we are assuming that you will thus live longer and we can work together for a couple of extra years! 

Garmin is a well known brand in the GPS market and offers a range of products to keep in touch with your training data. The objective is to reach the PropX network of clients and patrons via our normal daily and weekly communication i.e. website, weekly newsletter and newsflashes, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. 

The reach should be round about 22 000 contacts. Welcome to keep in contact with me on Want to receive my articles and suggestions in your email inbox? Then welcome to subscribe to my blog.

Regards - Willem Tait, PropX CEO

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Unlocking South African Property Opportunities: What you Need to Know

Dear Patron

Looking beyond the South African skyline to future horizons, the prospects for the property industry depends on navigating a minefield of challenges to access opportunities in South Africa and Africa. 

Many of these challenges, like the global economy and local political trends, are not within the sector control. Reacting to changes and benefiting from opportunities arising from market shifts, means keeping track of trends, says SAPOA CEO Neil Gopal. Today, property opportunities in Africa are hot topics for the local industry. It is one of the issues to be tackled at the 44th annual SAPOA International Property Convention & Exhibition. 

Nedbank Corporate Property Finance sponsors this top property event which takes place on 30 and 31 May 2012 at the Durban International Convention Centre. Its focus on Africa is perfectly timed. Property development and investment on the continent is growing, led by the SA property industry.

In fact, several major African property transactions made SA news headlines in May alone. Earlier this month, SA listed property company Resilient Income Fund and pioneering retailer Shoprite, with construction heavyweight Group 5, announced they are developing 10 shopping centres in Nigeria for over R1 billion. Eris Property Group in joint venture with Botswana Insurance Fund Management as Khumo Property Asset Management, developed and opened the 50,000sqm Airport Junction in Gaborone, Botswana. The Public Investment Corporation (PIC) announced it is exploring investment partnerships with SA retailers looking at broadening their footprint in Africa. This follows its authority to invest 5% of its assets under management in Africa. Then there iss Atterbury which, with local partners, recently developed and opened Bagatelle - Mall of Mauritius. There are many other SA property ventures presently forging into Africa.
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But not everyone is so positive about the potential Africa holds.

Respected property heavyweights will step into the firing line and take this debate to delegates at the convention. Sharing their views is Executive Director of Growthpoint Properties Limited Estienne de Klerk, Managing Director of Atterbury Property Developments James Ehlers, Director of Real Estate Actis Kevin Teeroovengadum, CEO of Renaissance Capital Africa Clifford Sacks and Partner of Cross Border Retail, Cushman & Wakefield LLP Marc Burlton. 

The panel discussion on opportunities in Africa promises to be a heated highlight of the gathering, with each panellist bringing a different perspective. How the SA property industry can best take advantage of opportunities in Africa is likely to be a question of contrasting views. Frank Berkeley, Managing Executive of Nedbank Corporate Property Finance believes that highlighting opportunities in Africa and the merits of following them, will provide valuable insight on an issue that is fundamental to the industry. Besides prospects in Africa, several of the industry most crucial themes will take centre stage at the convention. SA Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Madonsela will present a keynote address. 

Former SA president FW de Klerk is also a keynote speaker and will examine the importance of Property Rights in South Africa. From the UK, Jim Shankland will comment on misunderstanding risk in The UK & European Property Horror Show. An economic session by political and trend analyst JP Landman will pave the way for a high level panel discussion which includes Frank Berkeley, Nicola Weimar, Senior Economist from the Nedbank Group Economic Unit and Managing Director of Old Mutual Properties, Peter Levett. A session on the listed property sector: What does tomorrow hold? will include speakers Mariette Warner, Listed Property Fund Manager ABSA Asset Management, Keillen Ndlovu, Head of Listed Property Funds, STANLIB and Leon Allison, Research Analyst, Macquarie First South Securities. 

Leading political commentator and futurist Daniel Silkes keynote address will touch on post 2012 ANC elections with the theme From Malema to Manuel and onto Mangaung. For more information on the programme and speakers, as well as registration details, please visit

Source: SA Commercial Prop News(amended by PropX)

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This article was posted by PropX. We do this to keep you up to date with industry info and news and ask in return that you support our advertisers and our own business. Welcome to browse our site and make contact if so decided. You are more than welcome to share, publish, broadcast or redistributed this article. Kindly just give credit to the original source and PropX. Thanks


Residential Investment at R450 000 Refinance at R650 000

Willem Tait PropX CEO

In recent months we have had great success in listing and investing in good bargain residential properties, acquiring a property at a great price i.e. R450 000, taking transfer and then refinancing the property with the bank for its market value i.e. R600 000, thus ripping cash out of the investment to cover monthly shortfalls.

This newly revised edition of our eBook Buy, Rent, and Sell features everything you need to know to do this in today’s market including buy-and-hold strategies.

It also includes proven tips on finding great bargains in any market and landlording for a consistent cash flow as well as how to build a safe and balanced portfolio of short-term and long-term investments.

Welcome to click here for more info or on the eBook cover below.

Enjoy and happy hunting!

Escalator Capital


Commercial Property Weekly Market Overview and Indicators

Escalator Capital

Willem Tait,

In line with the ZumaSpear, Rael Levitt on Carte Blanche (again), plus the Lions being kicked out of the Superugby fold, this week I have decided to rather group my commercial property thoughts, opinions and maybe a little judgment into one article as appose to 5 or 6 and you can read the whole article in 5min. Welcome to let me know if this works for you. Any suggestions are welcome.

Interest Rates: The outlook for the property market appears upbeat, provided that interest rates hold. Low interest rates use to be the core driver of market activity, but we have not seen this in the past three years and it has done little to stimulate significant buyer activity. The fact of the matter is that any increase would have a negative effect on buyer sentiment, so at PropX we will be keeping a close eye on interest rates.

Asking Prices: Sellers still need to price conservatively with the main driving force being conditions of finance i.e. deposit vs loan to value. Some commercial properties offer good value for owner occupiers in the R5mil to R15mil mark, but banks are coming back with a 50% loan to value ratio, suggesting that a buyer must pay a 50% deposit. I would therefore suggest that developers consult with a couple of banks as regard the viability of a new project, purely based on conditions of finance for the end user. If possible, structure a financed deposit product with a bank.

Buyer Market: It is still a buyer market, at least for buyers with cash, able to acquire a property at a good rate per square meter compared with the construction and development replacement value. The replacement value has always been a good indicator or guideline as regard value. In short, if you buy a property below the replacement value, you are buying something that can be replaced at a cheaper rate. At PropX we usually consult with a QS (Quantity Surveyor) as regard the replacement value before mandating a property.

Capitalisation Rates: A slowing economy could result in an increase of vacancy rates. Same should result in a mild rise in capitalisation rates closer to the end of the year with a downward pressure on real commercial property values. At PropX we advise our landlords to make sure that they have good quality legal leases in place and rather renew earlier than later i.e. keep your property let with monthly income.

Broker Perceptions: The general perception from our broker community (5200 national brokers) is that the market is very competitive and more time consuming than before. I would therefore advise our landlords and developers to supply 100% accurate information on vacancy schedules and easy access to properties. Go the extra mile when presenting a property to brokers via email or web, including photos, location maps and research of the area into the pack.

Leasing: What can we say about leasing? I still believe in the old approach of - I show, you like, you sign here - in concluding a leasing deal. Keep it simple. The success of leasing property is directly linked to the number of visitors to that property. Yes, according to a couple of market research papers in the past two months the leasing market is looking better in specific areas, favouring landlords with new buildings in great locations. The method to this madness is however directly linked to the fact that it is a tenant market. We are basically steeling tenants from older properties and placing them in new properties at a good rate per square meter, compared to the older property

In Closure: I could go on and on with more insight and subjects, but more about this next week. For now, rest assure that we are in a buyer and tenant market, cash is king, interest rates will have an role to play and lease out your new buildings as quickly as possible, because no one is developing new stock.

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