PropX Launches Garmin Advertising Campaign

As a property professional I can honestly say that general good health and fitness plays an integral part in my ability to service my clients. At PropX we have an absolute passion for health, fitness and a balanced lifestyle. 

The PropX Garmin Advertising campaign is designed to offer the PropX network of clients, property professionals and patrons the opportunity to acquire a product that can assist you in your health and fitness training activities. The added benefit to PropX is that we are assuming that you will thus live longer and we can work together for a couple of extra years! 

Garmin is a well known brand in the GPS market and offers a range of products to keep in touch with your training data. The objective is to reach the PropX network of clients and patrons via our normal daily and weekly communication i.e. website, weekly newsletter and newsflashes, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. 

The reach should be round about 22 000 contacts. Welcome to keep in contact with me on Want to receive my articles and suggestions in your email inbox? Then welcome to subscribe to my blog.

Regards - Willem Tait, PropX CEO

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