How to turn fear into a valuable asset for your business

If any business owner ponders that question for long enough, they will see that it presents them with 2 extremely valuable pieces of information:

You will uncover an idea, which demonstrates just how BIG you are capable of thinking.

You will also uncover the thing that’s stopping you from achieving that BIG,inspirational goal.

We already know how to think big. Plus, we have access to more collective intelligence and better tools than ever before. So, the answers we need have never been easier to find.

It’s the fear of failure that stops us becoming the best we can be!

Fear and me

For years, I allowed the fear of failure to stop me doing what I was capable of. I then discovered that the fear of failing was nothing like as bad, as the pain of regret.

Yes, I still feel the fear when starting a big project, but I have learned that every big advance in my life was preceded by fear. Quitting my well paid job to start a business, getting married, relocating from where all my clients were to live in a tiny village, starting a family – none of those wonderful experiences would have happened if I’d allowed the fear to stop me.

Using fear as your compass

I’d like to suggest that at least in business, you allow fear to be your compass. When you get what you believe is a great idea, then feel the fear creep in, see the fear for what it is – a sign that the idea/project will stretch you and cause you to grow.

Using fear as your compass does not guarantee that every big decision you make, will instantly be perfect.

However, it does give you total freedom to grow and achieve your full potential. You deserve nothing less!

Source: businessnewz