1. Set specific goals- make a list of long-term goals and a separate list of short term goals. Each week choose 2 short-term goals to focus on.

2. Be realistic about what you can accomplish in a specific amount of time.

3. Take baseline measurements- if your working with a trainer have them take your body-fat measurements otherwise a few girth measurements with help you track progress.

4. Change up your routine as often as you can. Try out a new workout class, switch up your cardio… variety will keep your body from hitting a plateau.

5. Plan your workouts ahead of time to keep you focused once you hit the gym.

6. Keep a “wellness log”- write down what you eat and when, your workout times and whether you did cardio or weights, how many hours of sleep you got, level of stress, etc… make it as detailed as you can.

7. Find a workout buddy that will be a positive influence, rid yourself of those workout partners that bring you down.

8. Listen to your body- if its telling you it needs a day off from working out then take a day off and let your muscles recover!

9. If your confused about what to do in the gym or have hit a plateau don’t hesitate to hire a personal trainer or nutritionist. Just make sure to do a little research to find the right match for you…

10. Most importantly, have fun with your workouts… some days will always be better than others but a good attitude goes a long way.