10 Quick Tips to stay focused and productive

Some days the 8 hours that you spend at the office fly by. On other days, the time really seems to drag. Staying busy is the easiest way to make time seemingly speed up, but sometimes staying busy is simply not enough. 
When you attend a meeting your calendar shows busy, but you may feel bored and time will drag because you are not being productive. 
The key is to keep your workday moving. Spend more time working, and less time meeting, with these quick tips.

Quick Tips:
  1. Keep meeting agendas short and ask your attendees to remain standing. This immediately communicates your desire for a fast, focused discussion.
  2. Conference calls are meetings too! Try standing while you are talking on the phone.
  3. Schedule meetings to start 5 minutes after the hour to help everyone make it on time.
  4. Always end a meeting on time. If necessary, schedule a follow-up on a different day.
  5. Stop accepting every invite. Sometimes having a colleague catch you up later is more practical.
  6. Ignore the default. Do not schedule a meeting for 30 minutes if you really only need 15 minutes.
  7. Wait until you have all deliverables before scheduling a meeting.
  8. Respond as tentative if you are even slightly unsure if the meeting pertains to you.
  9. Only meet to discuss time-sensitive projects. If there’s no deadline, keep it off your calendar.
  10. Think before you schedule. Would an email or phone call work just as well?

This list is meant to help you stay focused, which is often a lot better than simply staying busy during the workday. Figuring out what to work on, for example, may keep you busy while a to-do list will keep you focused on an actual project. 
Focus allows you to be more productive, and getting things done is what will help you be on your way home sooner rather than later.
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