Want to be part of our next book?

Hi All. 

We are in the process of writing our next book that will combine the best business advice we ever received in one copy. As part of the book we would love to include your views and was hoping that you would be willing to contribute by answering this simple question in no less than 20 words and no more than 120 words. 

Q: What it the best business advice you ever received?

This is your opportunity to be part of a book and maybe position yourself as an expert in your field so think about it a little. Elaborate on your own history, skills and experiences in your industry, and give the best business advice ever.

If your writing is approved, your name and designation will be listed in the book. We will gladly notify you accordingly.

For the sake of good order, you agree that there will be no financial compensation for your written contribution and that we may make small amendments to your written contribution if so required.

Welcome to comment below with your suggestion or message us your writing. Alternatively, click here and mail us your input.